Why does a clean toilet smell so bad?

Why does a clean toilet smell so bad?

Everyone spends an average of 3 years in the bathroom in his life, and women spend longer time.

Although the bathroom is not the place that people use for the longest time in home life, it plays a very important role. A residence can have no living room, kitchen, but not without bathroom. But the bathroom is also a place that is often overlooked by people. Many people have this trouble: the bathroom is cleaned very clean, but there is always a lingering smell, which not only destroys their mood, but also feels embarrassed when there are guests visiting. A clean toilet smells bad, but it's actually quite common. There are many reasons why a clean toilet smells bad, and many of the root causes of this problem are easy to solve by yourself.

Here are 5 reasons why your clean toilet smells bad, tips on how to solve the simplest problems yourself, which ones can be solved easily by yourself, and which ones need guidance from a professional plumber to deal with the problems.

First of all, we must understand the source of toilet odor:

Most of the toilet drainage system is discharged through a sewage pipe. Think about it, so many drainage pipes such as toilets, basins, floor drains, washing machines, etc. flock together. If the smell comes out, it should have a sense of picture?

1. No trap

Generally speaking, the sink of the bathroom should have a curved design, which is the trap. Using the water stored in this section of the bend for "water sealing" can block the backflow of odor and prevent cockroaches or other disease vectors from entering the house through the drainage pipe. Nowadays, in many dry areas of dry-wet separation toilets, the drains do not often need to be drained. Once the drain is not drained for a long time, even if the drain is equipped with a trap, the water in the trap will gradually evaporate and escape, failing to perform the "water seal" function, causing the odor to escape from the drain pipe.

Solution: If there is no trap water pipe, find a property or a professional plumber to replace a water pipe with a curved design; if the water level in the water trap is too low or there is no water, clean it first, and then fill it with water. Let the smell disappear.

2. Floor drain offensive

Although the floor drain is small, it has a significant effect. A good floor drain needs to have multiple functions such as anti-reflow, anti-insect, anti-clogging, and anti-odor. The deodorant function should be the most critical function. When installing the floor drain, if you choose a floor drain with weaker anti-odor function, it is not surprising that there will be odors in the bathroom.

Deodorization method:

If it is because the floor drain is not deodorizing, the bathroom odor is caused, the way to remove the odor is to replace the floor drain with good deodorizing function. Since the bathroom often needs to be drained, it is recommended to choose deep water to seal the floor drain, and the deodorization effect is more secure.

3. Toilet smell

The toilet smell is not common, but it is very troublesome when it appears. When the toilet is installed, a sealing ring will be installed at the connection between the barrel body and the sewer system. If the sealing ring fails for a long time or is displaced, the smell of the sewer will return along the gap of the sealing ring. It's disgusting.

Solution: It is necessary to disassemble the toilet and reinstall or adjust the position of the sealing ring.

4. The connection between the sewer pipe and the sewer is not tightly sealed

Many people often do not take some sealing and anti-returning measures when connecting the sink drain pipe and the sewer in the bathroom, which can easily cause peculiar smell in the bathroom.

Deodorization method:

You can ask someone to use glass glue or other adhesives to block the gap at the interface so that the gas cannot be emitted. Or use a sewer pipe with a trap, with its own deodorant effect.

5. Toilet bacteria

Some corners of the toilet, such as the gap under the bathroom cabinet and the floor, the gap on the back of the toilet, etc. These dead corners are not easy to clean.

At the same time, it is easy to ignore in daily cleaning. Coupled with dampness, dander, hair and other debris accumulated in dead ends can easily breed bacteria and produce odor.

Solution: First remove the visible debris, the most effective way is to use a toilet sterilizer and deodorizer.

I recommend a disinfecting and deodorizing product. The strap is waterproof with Velcro, which can be attached to the toilet and can be removed when charging.

Built-in level switch, every time you finish using the toilet, it will work automatically when the lid is closed, and the ultraviolet light will be turned off when the lid is opened. Through ultraviolet sterilization, ozone + cation + anion deodorization, deodorization while protecting the health of the family.

This toilet fresh air deodorizer has a built-in large-capacity battery, which can be used for 40-50 days on a single charge.

In addition, this fresh air deodorizer can also sterilize and deodorize the trash can, so that there is no source of peculiar smell at home and the air is fresher.

Three styles are available, if you want to know more product details, you can open this website to see:

For a family, the bathroom is also a particularly important place. Washing, bathing, and going to the bathroom are a lot of time in a persons life. It is essential to have fresh air in the bathroom. , So act now.


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