How UVC light helps us to fight against viruses and what viruses UVC can kill

The UV-C wavelength, between 200nm and 280nm, is the effective wavelength at which common external disinfection lamps kill germs. UV-C lamps can kill up to 99% of dangerous viruses, bacteria, mold, spores and other harmful microorganisms on a daily basis, including the COVID-19 coronavirus, which we are still fighting off. UV-C lamps are very effective tools for killing viruses by emitting UV light without direct contact with surfaces or objects.Let’s take a look at how UV lamps can help protect us from viruses and the applications of UV disinfection lamps.

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How do UV lights help protect us from viruses?

UV-C germicidal lamps are not new, even before COVID-19 and SARS outbreaks, UVC lamps have been used to disinfect products on production lines, treat water in wastewater treatment plants and passively clean hard-to-reach parts of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems (coils, pans and vents) and other application scenarios that have been tried and tested.

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UV disinfection lamps are again in the spotlight because of their widespread use during the COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) pandemic. Exposed air and water are full of bacteria, and the use of UVC germicidal lamps for extended periods of time can remove a variety of microorganisms from the air or water. The principle is that deep UV light can destroy cell membranes and cell nuclear structures especially the base pairs of the genetic material DNA/RNA, rendering them incompetent to replicate or inactive and dead.

UVC ultraviolet disinfection principle, Quickly deciphering germ DNA, Germicidal UVC principle

Application of UV disinfection lamps UV disinfection lamps are effective in eliminating harmful microorganisms. This disinfection method has been widely proven to be successful in removing several disease causing microorganisms such as: Staphylococcus aureus, e.g. E. coli, tuberculosis (TB), influenza, SARS/COVID-19, etc.

UV disinfection lamps for public transportation hubs and the airline industry: UV-C UV disinfection lamps quickly disinfect buses, trains, airplanes and other types of public transportation. The process is significantly faster and more efficient than using traditional chemical disinfectants to wipe down individual seats and large surfaces.

UV lamp application scenarios,
UV disinfection in public places

Hospitals and outpatient clinics: Healthcare facilities were one of the first industries to adopt germicidal UVC lamps. Germicidal UVC lamps are commonly used to clean hospital rooms, hallways, lobbies or waiting areas, emergency facilities, etc. This use case is closely related to COVID-19, as UVC UV is effective in killing viruses and other aggressive microorganisms in hospitals. Medical facilities have fully integrated UVC disinfection lamps into their daily operations during the new coronavirus.

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Gymnasiums/Auditoriums and Schools: Public places with high traffic, such as public stadiums and schools, can benefit from UV-C disinfection lamps. UVC lamps can be used to clean seats, rooms, lockers, hallways, stairs and high traffic areas.

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