PORTABLE 222NM UV LIGHT It is a new type of
UV lamp

The Portable 222 Nano UV Lamp is a new type of UV lamp that can be used in an inhabited environment in a way that traditional UV wavelengths cannot. The Portable 222 Nano UV Lamp uses advanced technology to suppress the effects of UV on humans and animals while maintaining the inherent virus suppression and germicidal capabilities of UV.

Why do UVC lamps need to be equipped with special electronic ballasts?

As the field of application of UVC germicidal lamps continues to expand, in order to be able to maximize the use of UVC lamps.....

Recognized by WHO,222nm UV LED is how to do?

Since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, prevention and control of the outbreak has become a top priority for countries around the world...

How UVC light helps us to fight against viruses and what viruses UVC can kill

The UV-C wavelength, between 200nm and 280nm, is the effective wavelength at which common external disinfection lamps kill germs. UV-C lamps can kill up to...

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