Why do UVC lamps need to be equipped with special electronic ballasts?

As the field of application of UVC germicidal lamps continues to expand, in order to be able to maximize the use of UVC lamps, so now the UVC lamps are configured with special electronic ballasts, greatly improving the intensity output of UVC lamps. Do you know the role of electronic ballasts in UVC germicidal lamps? What are the considerations for ballast selection?

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1, what is the UVC germicidal lamp ballast?

Ballast, simply put, is a metal conductive coil. It can work at low or high frequencies. Because the heat loss of the coil is small, so more effective than the resistance. Can play a role in limiting the current and generate instantaneous high voltage.

ballast, UV lamp ballast,
the role of UVC germicidal lamp ballasts,

The earliest appeared, the structure is relatively simple. Inductive ballast is the use of inductive inductance and self-inductance potential to light the gas discharge lamp, self-inductance potential “breakdown” of the lamp gas to start the lamp, inductance limit the lamp current does not make it burn. Because the electronic ballast has energy saving, low voltage start quickly, high power factor and other advantages, and UV germicidal lamp life greatly extended. The traditional inductive ballast is gradually replaced by a special electronic ballast, although the cost has increased, but in the long run, its potential economic benefits are very considerable.

2, the role of UVC germicidal lamp ballasts

  • generate high pressure, start glowing lamp to break the rare gas inside the lamp.
The role of the 222nm UV lamp rectifier,
the role of UVC germicidal lamp ballasts

(2) germicidal lamp glow after the ballast (current limiting) role, so that the normal and stable operation of the lamp. Gas discharge lamps have a high starting voltage and low discharge maintenance voltage. When the lamp is started through the high voltage, the voltage drops, the current increases, such as no restrictions, the lamp current will continue to increase until the lamp burns, so the discharge lamp must be connected in series with the lamp type, specifications match the ballast to provide the lamp to start the high starting voltage, and limit the lamp current to make it stable in the specified range.

3, the use of UVC germicidal lamp ballast precautions

  • Instantaneous start V.S. delayed start
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222nm UV light spectral testing,
The role of the UV lamp rectifier

Matching low-power lamps, the impact is not too obvious, but matching high-power UVC germicidal lamps (such as 120W, 150W and 320W, etc.), the instantaneous start of the UVC lamp life is very large impact. This is due to the UVC germicidal lamp in the start, the required start current is very high, easy to break through the lamp, and delayed start, by storing energy to reduce the transient pressure on the lamp to play a better protection role.

(2) Choose the right fit

Be sure to choose the appropriate model. Since the core function of the ballast is to protect the UV germicidal lamp and extend the service life. If the selected ballast and the lamp parameters do not match, both parties are victims.


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