It can sanitize space and object surfaces with ultraviolet light even in an occupied environment.

ccSpace disinfection

222nm is very effective for space disinfection.

It is to sterilize the entire space, to maintain the disinfection in the environment of the entire space, not to sterilize the entire space, not to affect the entire space, but to change the environment of the entire space.

surface disinfection

22nm is also effective for continuous treatment of the surface.

Excessive skin with long-term and long-term calm and thick skin appears, the skin will appear slowly, aging, symptoms will worsen,

it has been confirmed to be safe for use in manned environments.

(Please use the product according to the instructions in the instruction manual.)

The emission wavelength of 222nm is 400nm, which is shorter than visible light, and the ratio is 10-0nm.

The wavelength of 222 nanometers is effective because it remains very effective without affecting the human body.

1. Definite product timing creates impact on electronics. “Yes, the impact on people.

2. Because people do not use milk, but use mobile phones directly, not consumers, but consumers.

little impact on the human body

Protein and protein influences vary between different and 22nm.

222nm will not see any eyes, so the effect on the human body will not.

5/2/5 IUA (21/2, League of Nations, 22nd) released a download file on nm (Far UVC).

“There is no indication that 222nm (far UV-C) has adverse effects on the human body (eyes or skin), including considering cancer skin.

“Far UV-C is more effective at inactivating bacteria than conventional UV-C.

The actual technology needs what kind of weather.

it is the first technology in the world that can emit 222 nm emission wavelength.

Integrated TV broadcast TV, when using TV broadcast TV, as long as the 22222222222222222222 wavelength and traditional products are used on the TV, the performance can be improved.


Sensor Technology

But the safety of nm antennas has scientific laws, ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) established the cell phone (TLV).

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