With the rapid development of science and technology and economy,people are increasingly pursuing a higher quality of life.What can reflect most is hosehold life.Smart photocatalyst sterilization lamp has the function of sterilization,illumination and purifying air.The sterilization rate can reach 99.99%,it also can remove PM2.5.It is committed to creating a comfortable living environment for customers.With this ,the quality of your home life environment must be guaranteed.

This product has four filtering layers,which means it multiple filters-safer protection.Air into the first layer began to remove the dust;to the second layer can remove the smell in the air ,that is to say ,the second filter has deodorization effect.Third decomposition layer began to kill posion,the last step is still to remove the dust.After these four steps,you are sure to smell the fresh air.We can say it can 360┬░clean air without dead ends.

In addition to the sterilization lamp can be installed in the home,but also suitable for a variety of public places ,such as your office,your meeting room,or the hospital,the school and so on.Especially in the large flow of people in the place more need to sterilization,to use the circulation of clean air.

We need to creat a better life together!

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