20W 222nm UV lamp ceiling light Harmless to humans and pets


222nm far uvc disinfection lamp is designed for long-range surface disinfection with safety Related studies have proven that UVC radiation with a wavelength of 222nm can inactivate germs without adverse effects on skin and eyes. This technology can be widely used in the field of public disinfection and sterilization.

  • Harmless for human beings or pets
  • Wave length 222nm
  • Effectively reduce viruses, bacteria and spores
  • Instantly turn on full power output
  • Better heat dissipation, make the 222nm UV Light longer life-span
  • AC 100-240v
  • 4000 hours life-span
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certification
  • BBT Patented UV Light product
  • Patented filter for 222nm UV Light
  • Motion sensor, when people come, the light starts working
  • Different plug can be provided based on different market

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