222 nanometer excimer lamp 20 watt UVC germicidal lamp


effective sterilization and harmless to the human body  No harm to plantsor animals  Sterilizing rate:99.99%  It can effectively filter out harmful bands and has higher security  A remote control operation, convenient and flexible 222nm UV lamp with fan good heat dissipation and long service life

  • Harmless for human beings or pets
  • Effectively reduce viruses, bacteria, and spores
  • Optional Function-Motion Sensor And Timer Module
  • 4000 hours life-span
  • BBT Patented UV Light product
  • The different plugs can be provided based on different market
  • Wavelength 222nm
  • instantly turn on full power output
  • AC 100-240V/AC110V/AC220V
  • CE,FCC,RoHS certification
  • Patented filter for 222nm UV Light



222nm far uvc disinfection lamp is designed for long-range
surface disinfection with safety


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