smart photocatalyst steriliztion lamp


Adopt compound Ag+TiO2 sol to directly form an attached transparent film on the surface of the substrate. TiO2 coating TiO2, can save energy and protect environmental resources and have the function to purify the air.

  • It has the functions of sterilization, purification, antifouling, and deodorization
  • 100-220V AC50-60Hz
  • Centrifugal silent fan, brushless motor.
  • Timing function
  • It has three modes: automatic, manual, and sleep
  • Through infrared remote control operation
  • Seven levels of brightness adjustment
  • 2700K~5700K,10 levels of color matching temperature


Purification/lighting function dimming and color adjustment, purification, and lighting can work independently.

Adaptive environment purification work, enter the automatic mode, the sensor can automatically detect the air quality, and automatically adjust the wind speed gear according to the TVOC concentration detected by the TVOC sensor.


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